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Koi ponds have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Bringing a sense of relaxation from flowing water over your hardscape to pronounced eye appeal.

Uniscape will be there every step of the way from choosing the right design for your landscape to choosing your Koi Fish. Call us today to go over the options we can do for you.

Did you know Koi Fish and Pond Goldfish are the visual showstoppers of most garden ponds and also serve to create a proper ecological balance in their watery environment. Pond fish help with the algae problem because they feed on it as well as feed on insect larvae and reduce the mosquito population around your backyard.



Residential Ponds

Is your yard missing something? Can you imagine the relaxing sound of water softly flowing over beautiful rocks? Our Certified Aquascape team can make that dream a reality.

We will custom design and install your very own natural stone pond and transform your yard into a backyard paradise. We specialize in making ponds look like they were built by Mother Nature herself.

A backyard pond and water feature can be designed and built in many different ways. We start with a consultation to identify your thoughts and wishes. Our goal in developing the perfect element of design for our customers is to build off of what they desire from their space.



Commercial Ponds

Do you have a pond at your commercial property? Is it dull and tasteless? Looking to bring more personality to your storefront or commercial property?

Uniscape Landscape and Design is here for you every step of the construction process. From creating a new appeal to the finished product. We are sure you will be pleased every step of the way.

We also offer a wide variety of services for commercial property owners from water fountains, waterfalls to landscape design and hardscape.
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