Landscape Lighting

Landscaping Lighting is a way to give your home or commercial property more appeal by lighting up your entryways, walkways or flower gardens.

We provide a complete array of lighting and landscaping lighting systems and are eager to design and install an impressive lighting control system for your business or residence.

Uniscape specializes in a variety of lighting control systems that will dramatically reduce energy costs, improve convenience and add value to your home. Call us today and we will discuss the different products we offer.

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Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting is a way to enhance the night and atmosphere of your pool, pond or waterfall. We offer a wide variety of underwater lighting in many colors and designs tailored to your new landscape.

When the sun goes down everything in the pond is lit up and magnified like a gigantic aquarium. The pond’s Koi fish and goldfish really come alive at night, adding a whole new dimension to your pond.

We not only offer underwater lighting systems but we also install natural rock fountains, waterfalls and pools. Call us today and we will be happy to go over the countless options for your new hardscape or landscape design.

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