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Flagstone can be used for a multitude of landscape and hardscape outdoor home projects and solutions. Uniscape Landscape and Design will help you in choosing the right stone and design for your project.

We realize that the design and creation of a new or replacement flagstone, stonework, or stone masonry patio can be confusing to most clients.

Our foremost job is to educate our clients of not only the many facets within the construction of your new flagstone patio design that we handle, but exactly what is involved with each stage of the design and construction of your new masonry patio.

Flagstone is an extremely attractive material. Homeowners generally want their home to stand out from the rest. Using flagstone in landscape and hardscape projects and we provide a way to achieve that goal.

When choosing the right flagstone for your front or back yard walkway it helps to think about your home’s architecture as well as your garden and landscaping.

There are many choices out there for walkways and it’s a good idea to consider whether you’re looking for a more formal approach with straight lines and angle or a more informal path with a curved, meandering style.

You don’t want to ignore the importance of walkways in the overall landscape of your home. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with all the planning, materials and construction you need to begin your flagstone walkway today.

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