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Landscape Curbing is a way to give your flower beds and walkways character. There are several styles of landscaping curbing giving you a huge choice of colors, patterns and styles.

We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality curbing products available. Our installers are experts in installing quality curbing to your complete satisfaction.

If you are thinking on giving your landscape more personality with new landscape curbing Call Us Today and we will be happy to go over the many options and designs we have for you.

Mower Style Landscape Curbing

The Mower Style is very popular because it is installed to both accommodate a lawn mower wheel and at the same time retain gardening materials because of its higher back side. It also has great curb appeal because it sets off the landscaping with a picture frame type of look.

Slant Style Landscape Curbing

The Slant Style became popular in the 90’s because it can be stamped and textured or done in regular gray concrete as can the mower style. But, unlike the mower style, it has the unique ability to also hold in gardening materials because the back of the curb is higher than the front.

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